Brashna Agha

Assistant Director

Features | Television | Promos


Brashna Agha

Assistant Director
Features | Television | Promos

Brash ‘fell' into the world of Assistant Directors when a friend asked her to help out on a feature back in 2006, the day before she turned 21. She hasn't looked back since.

Working in Features, Television, Commercials & Music Promos, Brash has been making her way up through the ranks, currently making a name for herself as a 2nd Assistant Director.

Brash is extremely confident working with all levels of cast, crew, crowds, sourcing and casting supporting artistes, child performance regulations & child working hours, multi-units, stunts, fights, drones, tracking vehicles,  VFX, SFX, prosthetics, costume/fittings, makeup/tests, night shoots, armourers, vehicles, animals, schedules, callsheets, AD reports, publicity, studios and on location.


  • Full UK Driving License
  • Valid UK Passport
  • Enhanced DBS for domestic AND non-domestic premises (update service) 
  • Emergency First Aid Qualified 
  • Paediatric First Aid Qualified
  • ADA Member
  • BAFTA Crew Member
  • Certified chaperone license with Richmond-Upon-Thames Council 
  • Level 3 Safeguarding Children Awareness
  • Level 3 Information Sharing Awareness 
  • Level 3 Safeguarding Children Practitioner


Countries Brash has had the pleasure of filming in;

  • England
  • Scotland
  • Northern Ireland
  • France
  • Jamaica
  • Kuwait
  • Jordan


Available for the following roles;

  • 2nd AD - Main Unit
  • 2nd AD - 2nd Unit & Others
  • Additional 2nd AD
  • Crowd 2nd AD / Co-ordinator
  • Childrens Co-ordinator
  • Dailies
  • Cover
  • AD Consultant / Advisor


What people say about me

Bootleg Films worked with Brashna on the forthcoming Series IV of 'Gomorrah'and I can say without doubt she has become one of the first names on the team sheet. Reliable, trustworthy, smart, loyal and hardworking are just a few of the words to describe her attributes. She also has a good way of making the working day slightly entertaining (in a good way).
I just finished working with Brash for seven weeks on The Trial of the Infidel in Amman, Jordan. She is a kick arse 2nd AD, a fun person and she kept everything on even keel during a, logistically, extremely challenging shoot. As lead actress, I always felt like she had an eye on me, she always addressed my concerns quickly and our relationship was very direct and playful and I’d love to work with her again. Sincerely, Claudia Karvan, (Australian actress/Producer)
Brash was great to work with, friendly, reliable and always keeping actors in the loop without the generic responses. Straight to the point. Pleasure to work with.
In 20 years of working in this business I have never encountered a more exceptional AD. Even under the most dire of circumstances, which indeed we faced daily on the particular shoot I had the pleasure of meeting Brash on, she is professional, capable, competent, creative and resourceful in the most jaw dropping of ways. And moreover, somehow, manages all of this effortlessly and with a charm that makes you want to put her in your pocket and take her home. I cannot recommend her enough.
ABBI COLLINSStunt Co-ordinator
I have known and worked with Brashna for many years and always found her to be very competent at her job, efficient and a great communicator. She has all the attributes needed from an AD to assist in my on-set role and ensures everything runs smoothly. She also has a wonderful and sunny disposition, I would highly recommend her to any production company.
Brash is probably one of the best 2nd AD's I've had the pleasure of working with!! The shoot we worked on was Green Street 3. Long hours and lots of contact fighting so us actors went through the mill a little and Brash picked us all back up to go again with a smile on all our faces. She truly is a great professional and has mastered her craft in the dream we call the film world so I wish Brash the great success with her long path and I hope we get to work with each other again :)
Personable, patient and professional, Brash is a five-star Assistant Director
PETER PEDRERO2nd Unit Action Director & Stunt Co-ordinator
Brash is a Great 2nd AD, hard working extremely efficient always Polite and with a endearing smile. You would be foolish not to employ her given the opportunity.
FERGUS O’BRIENDirector - Against The Law (BBC2)
“So lucky to have Brashna as 2nd AD on “Against The Law”. Dedicated, meticulous, hardworking team player with a heart of gold and a constant smile to match. Any production would be lucky to have her.”
Having worked with Brash when she was an excellent 3rd AD, “Tracey Breaks The News” was the first time I have worked with her as a 2nd AD. The nature of the show we worked on was very last minute, with short notice changes to casting and scripts. Brash's experience and knowledge of her role, coupled with her personality and can do attitude, made her the perfect person for the job. Not only did she carry out the 'classic' 2nd AD tasks, call sheets, dissemination of information and transport etc, to an exemplary level she also excelled in the less tangible skills. Every artiste arrived to set happy and in the right frame of mind for shooting. I would not hesitate to work with Brash again or to highly recommend her to another production.
EDWARD LLOYD & POPPY LLOYDDirectors – Onset Extras Ltd
We worked with Brashna for the past 4years on various productions all over the UK. Brashna is an extremely talented & very organized Assistant Director. She is very particular and pays great attention to fine detail in the work place. As a company we supply Supporting Artistes (Extras) to Film & TV, we have supplied Brashna artistes from our books for many productions she has been part of. Due to Brashna’s organization skills & a great eye for casting, she helps us carry out our job with great ease. From casting the artistes to sending out individual call details. Brashna is a great colleague to work alongside, which has now developed into a personal friendship. She is a delightful individual to be around & always brightens up the work place.
JUDY MCPHEEDirector - JAM2000 Agency
“As an agent here at JAM2000 Agency, working with Brashna Agha is a pleasure. A true professional in her field, efficient, professional and probably one of the top in her field. Working with many 2nd Assistant Directors, always appreciate the pressure they are under and with Brashna's friendly but yet extremely competent manner to which she works, I look forward to continually working with her to make things happen!”
“I worked as an actor with Brashna on a series for Discovery and immediately appreciated her working style and ethos. It was quite a tough shoot. Long hours, a bitter January on location and a demanding schedule but Brash seemed to take all this in her stride and I don’t think I ever saw her without a smile on her face and a positive word. Brash always seemed on top of everything. Even when things got changed or amended last minute. She always seemed to be first in and last out. Having been an actor for over thirty years she is exactly the sort of AD who is hard to forget and for all the right reasons.”
Brashna is by far the calmest and most approachable 2nd AD I've ever worked with. From an actor's perspective, the 2nd is very much the first port of call and life is made so much easier when you feel comfortable to ask your 2nd even the silliest of questions. Her work ethic and stamina are superb. I look forward to working with her again in the future.
“Brash is a fantastic assistant director. Punctual, efficient, and personable. I have worked with her for many years and she continually impresses. I’m always pleased to see her name on the call sheet.”
“I worked with Brash on a TV show last year and she was always such a friendly and welcoming AD. She was organised and helpful, always keeping the cast and crew informed of schedules and arrangements. And always with a big smile on her face! She is a pleasure to work with." Thanks Brash!
"I worked with Brashna in the Summer of 2015 on the feature film "Headhunters". She was great on the phone and in person- and helped navigate my transport to location which was tricky in my case as I was performing at the National Theatre in the evenings. She was bright, personable and great company whist being dedicated and professional. I look forward to working with her again soon."
Brashna is a fantastic AD whose professionalism and good humour made working together a joy. I would highly recommend her to future employers and am confident she would be an asset to any team.
Brash is my favourite AD I’ve ever worked with; professional, dedicated and just an all-round good egg
Was an absolute pleasure to work with Brash. She was absolutely all over every aspect of the job, but also had time to spare a few minutes for a quick chat. Keep us abreast of everything that was going on and was speedy in her responses for any requests made. Massively reliable in all aspects of the job from an actors point of view.


Contact Info

  • +44 7714 323 222


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